one special cookie
can change your world

as far back as we can remember, the delicious aroma of melting butter woke us up every morning. like many mothers, our mum had a passion for baking and would spoil us rotten with freshly-baked cookies after school. it wasn’t until later when we started spending afternoons at friends’ houses that we realized: not all homemade cookies are made equal. while other kids ate chocolate chip cookies, we ate cookies topped with homemade raspberry jam and almond crumbles.

during college, we craved her cookies. the store-bought cookies we ate were incomparable, to say the least. when mum found out, she started sending us care packages filled with her gourmet homemade cookies. it was like christmas. somehow mum was able to capture what love meant and baked it into cookies.

cookies made with this much love and creativity need to be shared. in 2012, we convinced mum to share her cookies with the world. and so früute was born. früute delivers unique, artful cookies that are hand-baked from the finest all-natural ingredients. we’re here when you want to pamper yourself (or someone else) with the very best. whether they’re a corporate gift, a treat for a loved one, or an afternoon tidbit for yourself, früute cookies will always excite your palate with its adventurous flavor combinations and fill you with the same love and warmth that was felt when baking these cookies.

join us and discover what we've known all of our lives: that one special cookie can change your world.

Yo & Syl