in cookies

the sweet life

we believe in the unordinary. meet a not so traditional cookie: incredibly airy and infused with meticulously-paired flavors, some even quite unexpected. welcome to früute, be bold and bite into the sweet life.

passion früute

a lot of passion goes into every step. from planning and sourcing, to finding just the right composition in each artful cookie we create. all our sweets speak the language of mmmmmmmm.

natural & fresh

we start with the finest ingredients, creating a healthier, better tasting cookie for a fully-satisfying experience. if chocolate is a guilty one-night stand—then our cookies are true love.


taste our cookies and watch life get brighter—they’re more than just a scrumptious treat, each one of our cookies are a fun, bite-sized culinary adventure. it’s awesome to be a cookie in a baby-carrot kinda world.


früute makes it easy to send uncommonly cool, unordinary gift baskets to your friends and family. it’s a modern way to gift that’s all about spreading happiness. when you’re at a loss for words—let our cookies do the talking.

let’s talk

we want to improve the world one cookie at a time. don’t be shy, we welcome your comments. say hello at